ABvaKHAK Co was founded in 2005 and aimed to support governmental national projects in field of subsurface drainage. Our commitment to the drainage industry is reflected by our performance in supporting over 60% of IRANIAN national projects by manufacturing drainage pipes, Twin – Wall PVC-U corrugated pipes and fittings. Our total commitment to quality products by collaborating, transferring of latest technologies from well-known and most advanced companies in fields of plastic pipes machineries and shattering customer expectations has made ABvaKHAK the most experienced manufacturer of corrugated drainage pipes in region. Today ABvaKHAK announces a new engineered plastic pipe providing better hydraulic performance, extended service life, and reductions in installation and maintenance costs.

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What can we
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Few facts about Twin-Wall Corrugated PVCU Pipe


Advantages compared to other pipes

Excellent chemical resistance , High abrasion resistance, Very robust house connections, Optimal flow properties (Low k-value due to the very smooth inner surface ), Light weight solution, A fully tight system using rubber seals, Great compatibility with other systems

Transferring of drainage water, gravity and non-pressure sewers

PVCU Twin-Wall Corrugated pipe is designed for all non-pressure drainage and sewage systems, including local and municipal networks. The system is a sewer system based on PVC twin-wall pipes with OD dimensions, equal as that for solid wall pipes. It is meant for collection and transport of foul and storm water.

Optimum sealing

Piping joint is made employing the first system, called integrated mouth cup, which maintains the characteristics of the rest of the pipe (corrugated and thicknesses), something that makes it the most reliable of existing solutions.In the ABvaKHAK Twin-Wall® piping, this joint is bi-lobed up to diameter DN500, with a profile that, on the one hand, prevents joint movement during piping installation

Piping flexibility

Frequently, network piping is subject to forces and deformation produced by differential soil settling, which must not cause any fracturing or leaks. This requires piping flexibility that enables it to adapt to deformation and minimizing local forces that are produced. Plastic piping with elastic joints adapts to settling and easily absorbs the produced stresses, whereas in a rigid-element system, which is incapable of adapting to the same deformation, enormous forces appear that can cause fracture and subsequent leaks.

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